39 FAQs

  • Why did we create Socimo?

    We created Socimo as a way to empower a community of entrepreneurs.  Our membership card, community, and acquisition, communication, and sales software are all created to help entrepreneurs grow your business.

    We built the Socimo platform because we know from experience that just having a social profile or an e-commerce site doesn't make you any money.  You need a full blown traffic engine that is designed to help you create a customer list, communicate with that list, and sell your products and services to your list so you can make.... a real living.

    Maybe you have a web presence but your shop is rarely updated, or items are sold out.  Most people that make or sell one-of-a-kind or few-of-a-kind goods want to be dreaming, making, sourcing, or curating; not sitting at their laptop all day staring at a database.

    Socimo allows you to create an e-commerce site or page by using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as a catalyst for traffic. Simply post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and Socimo creates your website. Our aim is to make things as simple and elegant as possible. Just take a picture, write a description, post, and sell. Socimo empowers people who like to create, make and curate.

  • What is Socimo?

    Socimo is a simple and easy to use platform that generates an online e-commerce shop where customers can buy the products you post to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Socimo pulls product posts from your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feed and turns them into a shoppable online store.

    With Socimo, you can have a store without maintaining a store.  And you can take advantage of your social media accounts to turn your followers into customers.

  • What does Socimo cost?

    Well there is a free version, but the super powers our site offers begin with our Pro and Power Plans. You'll get a 30-day free trial to our best plan when you sign up and you see all of the wonderful things we can help you do. After that you choose the plan that works best for you starting at $19 per month.

    There is a concierge plan that begins at $99 per month for clients that need a few more bells and whistles.
    - Multiple users
    - Ads on the Socimo website
    - Ads on Socimo social media platforms
    - iOS and Android apps
    - Show your social feed on a screen in your office/location or on your website (by RSS)

  • What countries and currencies does Socimo support?

    Socimo currently works with USD$, CAN$, AUD$, HKD$, SGD$, EUR€ and GPB£. You must reside in a country supported by Stripe and sell in one of our supported currencies. Current countries include the following:

    United States
    United Kingdom
    The Netherlands
    Hong Kong
    ...and Singapore.

  • How do my customers pay for products?

    Socimo has partnered with Stripe, Kash, and Paypal to allow your customers to use any major credit card or US bank account for their purchase.  With low transaction fees, one single rate and robust security, these are the gold standards for e-commerce.  Check and see if Stripe, Kash, and/or Paypal are available in your country, check out their current country.

  • Can I manage coupons and discounts on Socimo?

    You can easily create site-wide coupons, discount codes, or free shipping for various order quantities within Socimo.

  • Can I manage shipping with Socimo?

    Socimo has partnered with U.S.P.S. to provide discounted real-time shipping for all orders. Use your photo description in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to set shipping costs for your products. Print shipping labels right from Socimo. No need to manage shipping through a cumbersome back-end dashboard.

  • Who uses Socimo?

    Business founders, freelancers, store owners, and anyone that generates their own income.  Socimo is perfect for anyone who is a lifestyle entrepreneur and uses social media to communicate with their audience.  If any of the following entrepreneur titles fit and you use social media to market and promote yourself then Socially Mobile marketing and selling platform is a good place for you to sell your products and services.

    Social Media Star


    Travel Agent
    Event Promoter

    Food Critic
    Club, Lounge, or Bar Owner

    Fashion Designer

    Hair Stylist
    Make up Artist

  • How long are your contracts?

    What's that? We don't have any contracts around these parts, but we do find that in order to really see some results you should stick around for at least three months. It'll give you some time to measure the results of your social media and mobile marketing campaigns, but we'll leave that up to you.

  • What makes Socimo better, other than price?

    1) We've created a best-in-class customer acquisition software that scans Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter and helps bring more followers to your profiles.

    2) On top of that our platform is 100% optimized for making sales on social media and mobile devices helping you monetize your marketing efforts.

    3) We also provide you with the exact email scripts needed to help you engage with your subscribers in different scenarios.  Creating a systematic approach to your marketing efforts leaves you free to manage the other areas of your business.

    4) Socimo is a top-tier community of business leaders who all share their strengths to help enable and enrich the overall community.

    5) All members contribute to the community by offering to the community generous discounts, perks, and other incentives from their own organizations.

  • All I want is Shoppable Instagram, I don't understand the other features or why any of it is necessary?

    The essentials include on-site shoppable Instagram.  There are performance benefits to the hosted version included under Power Plan, but if you prefer to keep it simple, the essentials will do.  While 'Shoppable Instagram' is certainly a popular feature, there are other areas where community content and automated workflows around it can dramatically impact business results. Socimo does much more but it's okay to ease into it.

  • Do you only work with Instagram?

    No, our shoppable platform works on Twitter and Instagram, and our marketing platform works on Instagram, Twitter (and soon Pinterest). We're always updating our services and software so keep checking to see the improvements we're making.

    Our content, full blown marketing systems, communication tools, and marketplace selling tools will work anywhere, on any device, and at all times.

  • How much do I have to pay for Socimo services?

    Hey Buyers! No worries, our services are free of charge.  Socimo just takes a small commission fee, and the rest of the payments go directly to Seller’s PayPal, Stripe, or bank account.

    If you are a Seller, then no worries as well!  You can use Socimo for free, but if you want to juice up your sales and marketing we've got a few tricks up our sleeves, and they won't break the bank.

    The Socimo marketing solutions start at $19 per month and commission on anything sold in the marketplace start at 3%.

  • How to login/register on Socimo?

    Just click “Login” at the upper-right corner of screen or just click here.  Want to start selling?  Use your Facebook or Google account details to login (or do it the old fashioned way), then just fill out some basic information about your store and you’re all set!

  • How to make a purchase on Socimo?

    Just like everywhere else, browse the categories, use search box and hit Buy Now or Add to Cart to proceed with a regular credit card, debit card, your PayPal account, and now your checking account (powered by Kash checkout). But wait, there's more, it’s like everywhere else except one thing – you can literally shop your social media feed using our special “shopping tag” How does it works? It’s simple like 1, 2, 3:

    1) Find item for sale on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook
    2) Type #sellit in comments below the image
    3) Get a secure checkout link right to your email inbox.
    Minimum requirements*

    * Active Instagram account
    * PayPal account
    Click here to get more information.

  • How do I start selling?

    You can start selling in no time, all you need to do is to create and login to your Socimo account, snap a picture of your item, and add it to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, with our magic tag: #Socimo Click here to get more information.

  • How do I get paid?

    We offer you direct payments through the Stripe and PayPal systems.  To make our services even more convenient we're planning to add other payment methods.  We'll gladly introduce them in a near future.

  • How to access the “Dashboard”?

    Click on the "Dashboard" link at the top of any page and you'll be on your seller's dashboard page.

  • How to add a "BuyNow" button?

    Once you set up your Socimo Seller’s account, the next step is to add prices, description, and shipping details to your items for sale.  BuyNow button will be added to all your listings automatically.  Make sure you have a Paypal or a Stripe account for easier payouts.

  • How to add a price tag/description/shipping details to an item?

    Click on the "Dashboard" link at the top of the page to access the “Dashboard”, then click on “Add New Products”.  From here you can add a price, description, sizes, shipping and other details.

  • How to communicate with other Socimo users?

    To get in touch with any Socimo user scroll to the top of the page and click “Contact Seller” next to any person's name or avatar. Type your message and hit "Send”.

    To reply to a message – click on your avatar/logo at the top-right corner of the screen and then click "Messages” to get a list of all ongoing conversations.

  • My images don't appear in the shop!

    If you don't see any of your images with #socimo in your shop – please re-login to your Socimo account (logout->login) to refresh your account data.  Images should be added to Twitter and Instagram within the last 90 days.

  • Can I add the #socimo tag to posts of my products I have already posted to Instagram?

    Yes, you can add #socimo to your existing images on Instagram and Twitter.

  • How does the Seller know where to send the product? Is the buyer's address provided along with the payment?

    You will receive email notifications with Buyer details both from Socimo right after the sale.

  • Do I have to pay any taxes if I will sell here?

    Yes, you need to pay income tax according to the national legislation in your country.

    Taxes must be set in your PayPal or Stripe account:

    Log in to your PayPal account by visiting www.paypal.com and your Stripe account by visiting www.stripe.com
    1) First thing you want to do is go to your Summary page.
    2) Next, look for “My Selling tools” and click on "Seller preferences"
    3) From there, click on the “Update” link next to “Sales tax.” You might see something like “Regional Tax” or “Regional Tax Settings” instead.  If so, click that. In the top box is where you can setup/edit domestic sales tax rates i.e. rates for your country of residence.  Below that, you can setup International rates.
    Please note that sales tax will be applied to the shopping cart after the customer fills in the credit card details (if paying by card) or logs into his/her PayPal account (or your Stripe account).  This is so PayPal and Stripe can work out the appropriate tax amount based on the customer’s location.

    Log in to your Stripe account by visiting www.stripe.com
    1) Go to your business name at the top, right corner of the page.
    2) Scroll down to Account Settings, and a modal window will open.
    3) Go over to the "Orders" section on the window and change your tax settings to the percentage of your local state, region, or country.

  • What is Socimo's Return Exchange policy?

    Socimo is a marketplace for independent sellers and each shop has own Return & Exchange policy. Please, make sure to check this information with the shop owner before making a purchase.

  • How does Socimo manage the security of my details?

    In terms of privacy, does Socimo have or is able to obtain seller's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Stripe, and PayPal log on details and passwords?

    We don't have access to any of your private information (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Stripe, and PayPal log on details and passwords).  All data is encrypted and goes directly offsite through official service APIs.

  • How do I redeem a benefit or book a travel reservation?

    Each member benefit has a dedicated storefront on our site that provides information on the easiest method to redeem or book. Simply look for the “How to Access or “How to Book” section on a benefit page for detailed instructions. If you ever have questions or difficulty accessing a benefit, please contact us at 310.438.6300 or [email protected] so that we may assist.

  • How do I refer others to apply for membership?

    We welcome you to share Socimo with those within your trusted network who would contribute to and benefit from our community. To refer someone, simply click the “INVITE NEW MEMBER” button on the top of your "Send Invites" area in your profile section or in the "Affiliates" are of the "My Account" page when you are logged onto your account and input the name and email of the person you would like to refer. Socimo will pay you $50 for each member that purchases a Socimo card.

  • Can my colleagues, employees or significant other use my Socimo Card?

    Based on the terms of our partner agreements, membership benefits accrue to the individual member only and may not be transferred. Our hotels have a one member per room policy. A limited number of business benefits may accrue to an entire company. Please contact Member Services for more information on those individual benefits.

  • I just became a member. When can I expect to receive my membership card?

    Each Socimo Card is customized and individually crafted and takes up to six weeks to produce and deliver. To guarantee timely delivery, please confirm the accuracy of your mailing address in your member profile. Prior to receiving your card, you may take advantage of all of your member benefits online or by printing a temporary card from your member profile. If you do not receive your card in six weeks, please contact [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you in locating your card and ordering a replacement, if necessary.

  • How do initiation and annual membership fees work?

    Currently, Socimo does not require an initiation fee. Membership carries an annual fee. Membership renewal is processed annually to the credit card on file in your account. You may securely update your billing information at any time via your online profile.

  • How can I make sure to receive all member updates?

    To best ensure that you receive announcements of benefits and events and other updates, please add [email protected] to your address book, follow us on social media @mysocimo. http://www.twitter.com/mysocimo, http://www.instagram.com/mysocimo or at http://www.facebook.com/mysocimo

  • How does Socimo select benefit partners?

    We carefully select and curate partners that are most representative of our brand. We look for both well-known as well as exciting new companies with which to partner. We are looking for exceptional companies that are relevant to our members’ lifestyles, businesses, and travel.

    For each of our partners, we develop unique benefits for our members that seek to combine elite amenities and an on-going preferred rate consistent with their very best rate. We do not seek commission or fees from our partners and are therefore able to negotiate highly attractive arrangements for our members. Many benefits have originated from member input and others have been created by fellow Socimo members.

  • Do benefit partnerships change?

    We constantly aim to have the most relevant collection of benefits and events for our members. We frequently add new benefits that we believe to be highly relevant to our members. On occasion, we may end or restructure relationships with benefit partners. Some of the changes are based on member feedback while others are based on our partners' ability or willingness to maintain a relationship that meets our partnership standards.

  • Are Socimo hotel rates always available?

    Socimo hotel agreements are typically structured on a calendar year basis and, within the calendar year, are almost always available. In some cases, our partner properties have a few blackout dates (which are listed under the “Details” section of each hotel).

    To ensure the best possible experience for our members, partner properties may not be able to accommodate our rates during full or near sell-out conditions. In the event that you are unable to receive our rates, please contact Member Services with the dates you are looking to stay and we will investigate and do our best to resolve this on your behalf.

  • Can I make a change to a hotel reservation and will I receive loyalty points?

    Socimo hotel partnerships are structured with the entrepreneurial business traveler in mind, offering not only exceptional rates, but maximum flexibility. Our hotel partnerships almost always allow cancellations or modifications to reservations, but we always recommend that members verify the terms with the hotel directly when booking. Socimo hotel partnerships are typically eligible to receive loyalty program earning opportunities.

  • What are Socimo points?

    The Socimo points program is designed to reward active members for their involvement in the Socimo community. Socimo points can be earned by referring new members and taking advantage of certain benefits.

  • I lost my Socimo Card. How can I receive a replacement?

    Please contact [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you in ordering a replacement card, available for a fee of $39.