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What’s Inside Socially Mobile:
You’ll discover the really cool secrets that will help you get more customers, turn them into loyal fans, and have them buy from you more often.

Module 1: Time Line & Newsfeed Trance

  •      You will also learn how to build a list of customers, communicate with your list, and increase your revenue by at least 21%.
  •     Learn exactly when to send out text messages for the best response rates. Reach your customers when they’re thinking about your product/service.
  •      Psychic Market Research: Do this and you’ll instantly uncover your prospects’ core identity. Tailor make your marketing angle to match your audience with pinpoint precision.
  •       Find out the three shocking reasons why Time Line Trance occurs. It’s the hypnotic state that leaves prospects vulnerable to your marketing messages. Here’s how to FULLY capitalize on it.
  •      Discover the easiest way to make your existing content mobile ready–without having to write a single line of code.
  •      The dirty “hot coffee” secret to seducing your prospects, so they’ll eagerly and repeatedly purchase from you.


Module 2: An Introduction To Consumer Branding

  •      The Conversion Mystery: What secret elements your bio must contain in order to instantly double your chances of a stranger following you.
  •      What is needed to send out fully detailed event, party, and sales messages to get users to take immediate action.
  •      Discover the secret to earning more money by selling products and services directly to your own customers.
  •      According to studies, 60% of the reason why a person follows a stranger on social media is an interesting bio. Learn how to develop an intriguing personality overnight using just this one simple 20 second tweak.
  •      Which audience is the most responsive to text messages and how that impacts your business.
  •      Which products you should always avoid selling via mobile if you don’t want your marketing campaigns to completely suck.
  •      SOLVED: The baffling mystery of indifference. Why do some people effortlessly become social media icons while others toil in obscurity? A simple lightning-quick way to cross the divide.


Module 3: Leads On Speed

  •      How to quickly build a massively responsive mobile opt-in list without spending a dime on mobile marketing.
  •      Get the secret tip that shows you how to properly accept mobile payments and receive an increase of 37% over the average mobile campaign.
  •      Say this and rapidly suck in instant traffic like a Hoover on steroids to your site. HINT: It does not have these words, “please check this out”. In fact, that might kill your response rates.
  •      How to survive–and even profit from the growing world crisis. How to pile up 1,000 prospects in under a month with this sneaky little secret.
  •      Learn where to find all of the tools necessary to have a flood of customers coming to your retail store after every message you post.
  •      Discover the right thing to say to create instant buzz in your marketplace. How to create true viral sensations, and not just pointless “throw and see what sticks” wasted effort!


Socially Mebile Book

Oh Wait…

There’s a Socially Mobile Course too:
Yes, we’ve created a jam-packed, completely powerful, social influence course that you get at no additional cost.


Module 4: The Ultimate Secret To Relationship Marketing

  •      Three simple yet effective ways to create a tribe around your brand. One is to champion a cause bigger than yourself. Find out what the other two are inside.
  •      Discover why it’s important to send messages and event reminders to your customers by SMS, voice, & social web – not just one of those methods will do.
  •      How to know when your prospects are utterly, undeniably in love with you. PLUS: An overlooked technique to turn them into raving evangelists!
  •      Discover our dirty little secret to knowing exactly when to send out text messages for the best response rates.
  •      Sprinkle this powerful “anthropological” fairy dust on your list of buyers, and instantly transform them into your zealous sales force–FOR FREE.


Module 5: Mavenship In A Month

  •      Learn what the number one secret is to immediately increase your client response by 12% – resulting in greater customer retention, higher sales, and unmatched loyalty.
  •      How to attract a flood of genuine testimonials whenever you need it–with just 5 words?
  •      The quickest, easiest way to become the authority in your niche–by typing just one sentence.
  •      Get access to all of the tools you need to fast track your success and get started in 48 hours.
  •      ELIMINATE THE COMPETITION: by sealing you–and only you–as your prospect’s go-to person. Remarkable 3-step process to monopolize the mindshare in your prospect’s head.
  •      How to use SMS as a customer follow-up system (autoresponder) to automate your business and free you up to make more sales.
  •      PLUS: Three “Submission Enhancers” that give you unquestioned credibility in your market. Embed them in your messages and posts and turn your toughest skeptics into loyal subjects.


Module 6: Unlimited Business Partnerships

  •      The never-before-revealed secret to getting joint partnership deals. Stop waving frantically and screaming “I’m here!”. Do this instead and get them to seek you out!
  •      Discover the secret software platform you can use to manage your marketing, sales, billing, and scheduling all in one place. making it easier-than-ever to run your business.
  •      Positive Parroting: Did you know that the more familiar you are to someone, the more likable you are? A sneaky 30 second positioning trick to fully EXPLOIT this neurological trait and cause them to quickly include you into their inner circle. It really is that easy!
  •      WARNING: Commit this faux pas and instantly annihilate all chances of generating meaningful connections. All it takes is just ONE errant link. Good News: How to avoid it.
  •      PLUS: The truth about approaching the top dogs and big clients: Why even established marketers fail in initiating these lucrative partnerships, and what you must do to get into their Rolodex.

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